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Gynecology & Obstetrics

Gynecology is a medical discipline concerned with the health of the female reproductive system (vagina, uterus, and ovaries). Gynecology doctors in Howrah deal with a variety of subjects like obstetrics, pregnancy, menstruation and fertility issues, vaginal infections, hormonal problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, sexually transmitted infections, etc. An obstetrician necessarily specializes in pregnancy and childbirth while gynecology is a broader umbrella that comprises of obstetrics.

We have a dedicated team of doctors who are the best obstetrics and gynecologist doctors in Howrah. They treat you with utmost care and accuracy since they are highly qualified and experienced in handling complicated gynecological disorders.

The obstetrics and gynecology specialists at Bankra Central Nursing Home recommend visiting a doctor from the age of 13-15 years. It will allow him/her to guide your overall health in the long run by encouraging you to maintain a nourishing lifestyle, among other recommendations.

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All kinds of procedures like LSCS and normal deliveries, operations for female patients.