Departmental Services

We are offering extensive departmental services which are complimented by latest and modernized equipments and instruments. These services are:


 ♦ 24 Hrs Emergency Services  ♦ Medicine Departmet ♦ Indoor Unit  ♦ Ultra Modern Operation Theater ♦ Chest Division ♦ Outdoor Unit ♦ Heart & Cardiology Division ♦ General Ward ♦ ENT Department ♦ Orthopedic Department ♦ Surgical Unit

♦ Dermatology Department ♦ Pediatric Division

♦ Uro Sergery Department ♦ Laparoscopy Unit

Other Services

We are offering other services and facilities which cater to different medical tests of the patients. These services are offered by the usage of the best and safe range instruments, machines and the modernized methods which are ensured to give the accurate test reports resulting in the specific treatment of the patients. These services are:

♦ Ultra Sonography department ♦ Holter Monitor

♦ Echo Cardiography ♦ Chest Division ♦ X-Ray and a Pathological department

Upcoming Services

Our nursing home has developed the most systematic network with the most reliable associations and are looking forward to introduce many other facilities in the coming time.



About Us

Bankra Central Nursing Home is emerging out to be an eminent health care center who has been providing comprehensive health care services for the last 15 years. Based on our high domain knowledge, we have been providing the best health care and medical facilities using the best and technologically advanced equipment and instruments


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Specialist Doctors

Our nursing home is complimented by a team of specialist doctors and medical practitioners who come with high qualifications,

        ♦ Orthopedic Section
        ♦ Gastrologist Section
        ♦ Surgery Section
        ♦ Uro Surgery Section

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